Which Disney Princess Is More Like You Today?

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We all had our favourite Disney princess growing up, I always wanted to be Ariel, maybe cause she was a mermaid and had a fish and a bird as bestie's. But today I'm going to go for Belle cause I do like a good beast and Sleeping beauty, obviously because she's famous for sleeping a looking good when she wakes up. 

So check out the amazing artist Fernanda Suarez on twitter and Instagram to see her brilliant modern take of all your favourite Disney princesses and what they would look like today, the girls got talent. Link below:



The Science Of The Resting Bitch Face

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We all have one, some are stronger and more common than others but there is intact a science to this famous expression. 

A study, was conducted in October 2015 by two scientists Abbe Macbeth and Jason Rogers. Who both work at the international company Noldus Information Technology, that develops behavioural and observational research software. So Macbeth and Rogers used the company’s FaceReader software and study the expression that has been around since the Mona Lisa.

Macbeth told the Washington Post “It just looks like contempt to the viewer. Thus, it is the perception of that unconscious, subtle contempt expression that defines RBF.” The software’s also revealed that Resting Bitch Face is suffered equally by men and women. So as much as you'd like to think this is only a female problem, dudes are bitches too. 


Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Then and Now

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They were the cutest kids on tv in the 90's and now they are the coolest chicks of the 20'th century. They started as little child actors and then development into a huge empire of style, fashion and beauty. 

I don't think they've ever stoped working or if its even possible getting cooler. Still killing the street style seen and building their brands, these girls know what they're doing, so heres a little look back at the transformation of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. 


16 Awesome Celebrity Body Quotes

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We always have those days when the mirror is your worst enemy and selfies are illegal and its always refreshing to hear when Hollywood beauties have the same real world problems and use their status for good. To remind us that even in the age of Photoshop and unrealistic expectations of the female body, we are all beautiful, no matter who we are.

Female celebrities like Lena Dunham, Marilyn Monroe and Serena Williams have been using their platforms to speak out about body image. They've put themselves out there in the name of body-positivity and to remind you all to love the skin your.

With that in mind, take a look at everything these women have taught us about body positivity and to be proud of your natural beauty. Walk through your day with a little more confidence and remember your stronger than you know.


Memorable Designer Shoes from Spring/Summer Fashion Runways 2017

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Winter fashion week is about to hit the runways, so see which style trends you'd love to see stay or go. From the YSL heels, the Marc Jacobs platforms to the Balenciaga boots.

You be the Carrie Bradshaw and decide which fashion trends need to stay or go. 


Princess Di the Princess of Style

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Princess Diana would be 56 today and still the best dressed royal, her style became a part of her image and she internationally became the most adored and admired person and princess. Not only did she always look so good but she never stopped trying to make the world a better place. Have a look and see the transformation of a little girl from London, to becoming the name we shall never forget. 

"I don't go by the rule book... I lead from the heart, not the head"

Princess Diana


15 Products Under $15

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We all love a bargain and even more, we all love to look good. So here are 15 products all under $15 that will give you that little feel good, feeling. Something to make your hair shine, your skin glow and your nails look perfect. Have a look and find something you'll love. 

Prices and products may change depending on where you live but, Ive had a look and everything is available on online so you can just google and you'll be directed to the sites where they can be purchased. 

Treat yourself and save some money looking glam. 



Celebrity First World Problems

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Everyone has day to day struggles, wether it be a hangover, traffic, shit coffee or going out and spending all your pay cheque in one night out. You're not the only one suffering real world problems, celebrities also get hit with first world problems. 

So the next time you feel like your day couldn't get any worse just take a look some of the stresses and strains celebrities deal with. 

Its pretty severe. 

Best & Worst Of The Oscars Red Carpet 2017

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Red carpet show stoppers or fashion fails? You be the judge. 

See your favourite stars wearing which of your favourite designers, let your personal style opinion take the lead. It's the Oscars, everyones a winner or a looser.  

Hair Style Inspiration for 2017

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Everyone wants a fresh new style for the new year and the new you, considering 2016 was such a disaster! Now is the time to show the world this is your year! Take the scissors by hand (not literally, make an appointment with an actual hairdresser) and create something new, fresh and unique. Let your new locks blow in the wind. 

Celebrity Style Transformations

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We all make unforgettable fashion mistakes growing up, its hard to look at old photos sometimes and be reminded how invisible my eyebrows were after tweezing them beyond existence. But now that the bushy look it back I don't even need to tweeze them! 

So with the good, the bad and sometimes a little slutty, its nice to know even celebrities with hair, make up and professional stylists, can still make horrible fashion mistakes along with us.  


Victoria Beckham's Hair Styles From Posh To Now

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For a little hair style inspiration, I was googling different looks then came across an image of Victoria Beckham's new hair cut and realised she has changed her look like a chameleon over the years and is the pro of style transition. 

She rocked the bob then worked the pixie cut and has always pushed the envelope with new styles before the whole clip in extension and wig thing. Posh Spice has always worked it and owned it through the years.