Celebrity Beauty Transformations

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Now I know we all have those cringe worthy moments, when we look back at pictures of ourselves when we were young and having fun. I still can't stand to look at ones of my self after doing the cat eye with a liquid eye liner, I seriously don't know what I was thinking. But the best part is that those horrific moments are locked away in my memory. The unfortunate thing is celebrities don't have that luck, the good the bad the ugly, it is all public knowledge. So take a look back at some of the celebrities who might make you feel a little better about your bad beauty decisions. We've all been there. 


15 Products Under $15

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We all love a bargain and even more, we all love to look good. So here are 15 products all under $15 that will give you that little feel good, feeling. Something to make your hair shine, your skin glow and your nails look perfect. Have a look and find something you'll love. 

Prices and products may change depending on where you live but, Ive had a look and everything is available on online so you can just google and you'll be directed to the sites where they can be purchased. 

Treat yourself and save some money looking glam. 



Hair Style Inspirations for 2017

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Everyone wants a fresh new style for the new year and the new you, considering 2016 was such a disaster! Now is the time to show the world this is your year! Take the scissors by hand (not literally, make an appointment with an actual hairdresser) and create something new, fresh and unique. Let your new locks blow in the wind. 

Victoria Beckham's Hair Styles From Posh To Now

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For a little hair style inspiration, I was googling different looks then came across an image of Victoria Beckham's new hair cut and realised she has changed her look like a chameleon over the years and is the pro of style transition. 

She rocked the bob then worked the pixie cut and has always pushed the envelope with new styles before the whole clip in extension and wig thing. Posh Spice has always worked it and owned it through the years. 


10 Scents For Summer

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Summer isn't far away now so its time to start looking for that scent that will set you apart from the rest. Theres something here for everybody. 

The Bushy Brow Is Back

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The bushy brow is back so its time to just let the brows get bushy like those men at the bar with beards who dress like lumber jacks but live in the city. This isn't about getting runway ready its about just letting your real brow line define your face.  

So my ladies, get back to your natural roots of the full brow and make the big gesture again with a defining brow line. 

Be inspired by some of our past and present brow queens. 


Hair Changing Inspiration

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Ladies have always loved their luscious locks since our school days when having the perfect ponytail was the only hair style concern on our agenda. Soon teen rebellion came out of the unknown and dying your hair was one of the ways to prove you had become a wild one. From the ages of lunch boxes and office cubicles our hair has transformed through the times with us. 

Although now our urge to transform our luscious locks isn't as spontaneous as say Rihanna, we're looking for a more inspirational reason, like a break up or career change. 

Well get over it girls, don't wait for the right time, just get the right look and book your next appointment with your salon. You know that feeling on Oscars night or Paris Fashion Week and you have that feeling ' damn she looks good, I wish that was me ' well ladies just make that change, walk down the street and then women will be looking at you thinking ' damn she looks good, I wish that was me '

Lots of love 


Your Magical lip Colour

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For some reason Beyonce or Cameron Diaz can always pull off a sexy lip colour yet when I try and go for a devilish new lipstick look I end up looking like a street thug gone wrong brought up by circus clowns. 

If you've noticed there are all kinds of transformations our faces go through depending on our situation such as chemo or just our crappy day symptoms. Such as a bad nights sleep equals dark circles under the eyes, stress brings on wrinkles and the beauty of hormones helps bad skin arise. Being a women and I myself have experienced all and more of these marvellous things yet the one part of my face that has always stayed true to me are my lips. 

They have never gotten wrinkles, broken out in a blemish or needed concealer after a bad nights sleep. So I have decided to take on full appreciation for my magical facial features and start sprucing them up with a little colour. 

Every product and lip colour you see in the gallery is all from the famous  Mecca and can be purchased online or at one of their stores near you. Just phone and check that they have your colour and brand before you go in otherwise they can order it for you. 

I am and never will be a makeup artist or have someone do my makeup everyday but that doesn't mean I should shake my tail feather with a little wild lipstick endeavour. Live a little ladies and show the men your magic power. 



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The season of fun and flirtation is about to arrive, summer is already in the air and a few of our favourite stars have shown their flare for fun with some new styles for coloured hair. Loving all the latest shades, blue, pink, purple or white and the confidence it takes to go with them. Nicole Richie has recently gone through an array of different colours which is beautiful to see and watch her dress to suit her different hair colours. 

Another reason I’m so in love with these latest hair styles is right before chemo I knew I was going to loose my hair so I gradually cut my long luscious locks into a bob and then a bleach blonde pixie cut. It was terrifying and exhilarating. 

One of the most important parts of a change like this is having a good relationship with your hairdresser or you could come out looking like the cookie monster ( which has happened to all of us at one point or another. ) Have a good chat, take in some pictures and discuss what you want new style you want to try. Thankfully my hairdresser has talked me out of a few sesame street ideas thanks to these discussions and I couldn't be more grateful. 

Stay true to who you are and love every part of what your getting done, but also don't forget that Rihanna has a beauty and hair team with her 7 days and week. So get the look that works for you this season and work like no ones business. 

Scissorhands Say’s whats your favourite colour?


The 7 Things You Should Get Next Time Your Browsing At The Chemist

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There is a strange connection women have to the chemist, the same bond as men have to the hardware shop. Similarly to men, women also leave the chemist with a few more items than intended which is why the bathroom cupboards are always overflowing, also like the garage after the boys trip to the hardware shop. 

Today Martini to Mastectomy is going to give you the must haves for the bathroom instead of the ' I dunno ' items. They have all been personally loved and adored  by Martini to Mastectomy so everything has been checked to make you more beautiful. Dah. 

So here are a few things, well 7 in fact for you to look for on your next browse. 

How To Get The Brows That Frame The Windows To Our Soul

by Nina Janjic

Your eyes are the window to the soul as they say so to your eyebrows is like buying the perfect frame for your favourite painting. To loose all the hair on your body to chemo is a personally emotional experience, one of the worst is loosing your ability to show the emotional expressions on your face without your brows but on the other hand you can forget about waxing your monobrow for while and shaving your legs. But to be honest redoing your eyelashes and eyebrows for a night out which I did a fabulous job of and a hideously horrendous one of as well can be more difficult than ever imagined as we did not all graduate from make up artistry school.

But to live and learn, I am here to pass on what I have experienced, brand wise, personal experience and to remind everyone that we all look completely different and everyone reacts differently. But another key factor to eyebrows is that all women need to remember wether you have them or you are drawing them on from scratch is patience is key, breathe, baby steps and always start with slowly because you will not be able take back a lot. 

Here are some of the latest brands from my favourite store Mecca and every brow shape is personal and different, shake it up if you like, colour wise, shape wise or length. But practice at home first before a big night or have the gorgeous girls at Mecca show you how your eyebrow product can work for you in every way possible before you buy it and be versatile remember your a blank canvas and this is your ability to turn in to a masterpiece. 

For any questions just email matinitomastectomy@icloud.com



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Scissorhands Say's pixie cuts are the new do. So review for yourself and see which one makes you want to run to the salon and have your locks chopped off. 

Email us with any queries at martinitomastectomy@icloud.com


Rosehip Oil Round Up

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Gorgeous girls everywhere who suffer from sensitive skin or have facial and bodily scars that need healing then here is what saved my life during breast cancer operations and treatments. The various components of rosehip oil bring about a unique combination that is great for all skin types. The fatty acids are essential for the health of our skin yet the body is unable to manufacture them. The antioxidants are considered to be effective for reducing and slowing the signs of ageing as well as healing the signs of scars and stretch marks. 

The specific benefits of rosehip oil include

Great natural skin care moisturiser.

Research has indicated that it may have benefits for reducing some scars. (For treatment of breast operative scaring)

Aids in reducing redness associated with facial rosacea.

Improves appearance of psoriasis scars.

Many acne sufferers find that it can be improve the quality of their skin.

Reduces the appearance of premature aging skin as it can reduce wrinkles, crow's feet and fine lines.

Great treatment for dry skin. (To use on face, body and hands during chemo when you loose natural skin moisture)

Good for your after sun skin care regime. (Also radiation treatment)

In summary, rosehip oil potentially great benefits particularly as both a preventative therapy and a restorative treatment. When considering purchasing any rosehip oil check that the item is containing 100% pure rosehip oil, as some of the blended products may contain lower levels of active ingredients. 

Rosehip oil contains several natural nutrients which include

 Vitamin A or Retinol

Omega 6 or Linoleic Acid

Omega 9 or Oleic Acid

Lycopene - A highly-effective antioxidant

Beta-Carotene - A good source of pro-Vitamin A, another form of antioxidant

Natural Vitamin C

Rosehip oil gives moisturising properties and the antioxidants and beta-carotene benefit in helping to prevent signs of ageing. It is also said to promote wound healing by stimulating tissue regeneration. The vitamin A is said to help combat wrinkles, sun damage and uneven skin tone.  You will see above a number of different rosehip brands that I have tried and can recommend for those of you who want to try something 100% natural and completely beneficial to sensitive skin. Wether you are using it for scars, wrinkles or daily skin stimulation go for rosehip oil.   

For any questions just email matinitomastectomy@icloud.com