Spring In Your Step

by Nina Janjic in ,

Don't think that just because the seasons have changed that you should start dressing accordingly. Winter sometimes has a sense of doom of gloom attached to its colour range but this year we are having a change of heart and throwing our umbrellas and gum boots back in the cupboard and dressing to scare winter off with our love of  summer and spring.

So when you are picking out your next outfit for the rainy season just think, would you like to be blended into the wet and cold style regime. Or rather have everyone thinking your a relative of Marie Antoinette or have just come singing and spinning from the top of the hills in the sound of music? 

In this Chanel Winter 2014 show all the colours were warm, soft and glamours pastels. The other fabulous show's that warmed up winter through the colour collaborations and chic prints were the Givenchy and Valentino Autumn/Winter 2014 shows. 

It's a decision that once you have made will never go back, like if your having a crapy day instead of dressing like a gothic or an overtired housewife. Work your inner Cher from Clueless and put that spring back in your step with using all the colours from your florist and working them into your wardrobe.