Princess Di the Princess of Style

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Princess Diana would be 56 today and still the best dressed royal, her style became a part of her image and she internationally became the most adored and admired person and princess. Not only did she always look so good but she never stopped trying to make the world a better place. Have a look and see the transformation of a little girl from London, to becoming the name we shall never forget. 

"I don't go by the rule book... I lead from the heart, not the head"

Princess Diana

Memorable Designer Shoes From Spring/Summer Fashion Runways 2017

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Winter fashion week is about to hit the runways, so see which style trends you'd love to see stay or go. From the YSL heels, the Marc Jacobs platforms to the Balenciaga boots.

You be the Carrie Bradshaw and decide which fashion trends need to stay or go. 


Best & Worst Of The Oscars Red Carpet 2017

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Red carpet show stoppers or fashion fails? You be the judge. 

See your favourite stars wearing which of your favourite designers, let your personal style opinion take the lead. It's the Oscars, everyones a winner or a looser.  

Celebrity Style Transformations

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We all make unforgettable fashion mistakes growing up, its hard to look at old photos sometimes and be reminded how invisible my eyebrows were after tweezing them beyond existence. But now that the bushy look it back I don't even need to tweeze them! 

So with the good, the bad and sometimes a little slutty, its nice to know even celebrities with hair, make up and professional stylists, can still make horrible fashion mistakes along with us. 

The Beckham's Then & Now

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She was my favourite spice girl and there wasn't an outfit I didn't wish was on myself first or in at least in my wardrobe throughout her singing career.  But when the "little gucci dress" ( spice girls movie quote )  barbie found her ken all of a sudden the world made sense. 

These are my fondest memories of where our Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabbana pair found their footsteps in Victoria and David Beckham style heaven. 


Love Martini to Mastectomy. 


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No matter what time of year, heat wave or frosty breeze I shall always find a purpose or reason to wear a coat. They’re like Cinderella’s glass slipper to my attire, for some reason everything doesn't seem right without that extra layer over my shoulders and without I am like Cinderella running from the ball dishevelled with one shoe on.  

My name is Nina and I am a layer fiend, day and night, 365 days a year. There shall never be a moment you will ever see me leave the house in just a top and pants, I’m still not sure wether its a disorder or wether I just have an ancestry line to bag ladies. 

Either way some of the greatest style icons of our time have all been coat lovers such as Margot Tenenbaum or Carrie Bradshaw. Wether they are fictional is irrelevant, they worked a fur coat like no ones business and we are all still to this day trying to recapture that Coat-alicious style. So today we are here to reinvent winter coat passion with a little inspiration.    

Coat-alicious up every ounce of inspiration you need to find the perfect coat for winter. 


Hustle A Little Summer Colour

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Summer is soon to end and already as a freak for winter I’m getting out my coats, jeans and layers of black, black, black and shades that melt into black. But being Australian, I know that the cool breeze is not going to show me all its love and the heat of summer will lure its warm and sunny days longer than invited. Which is what inspired me to prepare for the sun and summer days that rarely entail, black, pants and jackets. 

What best describes the seasons of beaches is colour, colours, feminine, girly shades and of course prints and patterns. As the years go on I will always purchase outrageous feminine pink, pastel dresses, shirts and clothes then they will sit in my colour co-ordinated section of the wardrobe that never be touched, once. Its in me, I am a woman hear me roar but for some reason I find it far easier to put on a little dark grey and black. 

So to try and shift my minds fixation from the addams family style I had a look at some other individuals success at showing the world how to work colour into your daily life. 

Ladies it is not that difficult as you can see here to hustle some summer colour into your style and as this new year rolls on everyday I shall be hustle’n. 

Spice up your life gorgeous girls with a little bit of feminine fashion. 

Martini to Mastectomy

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The heat has started to turn summer into a sauna so the time has come to start looking for bathing suits that are going to make you look sassy and help you look hot on the the outside as you feel on the inside. During summer everyone is cray cray about wearing the latest sexiest bikinis on the beach, yet this old maid is a little more into covering up the goods and jiggles. 

Now just because I’m older and so very much wiser doesn't mean that I don’t want to roll around on sand in a bikini taking selfies like Kim Kardashian. Your body is like a fine wine, it only gets better with age so show it off the best way you know how. Leaving a little to the imagination and emphasising your best assets, everyone has them and summer is the time to show them off. 

Before breast cancer I was all about bikinis and since surgery and treatments, there is nothing to hide but a few things I would like to keep to myself. So these days one pieces and unrevealing bikinis are all the rage for my hot little body.   

If you like any of the swimsuits then just click on the image and it will take you to the purchase website. Get inspired, show it off and enjoy summer the sexiest way you know how. 

Lots of sandy & salt water kisses. 


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The other evening I was getting dolled up to go out and the one thing I realised was missing from the outfit and would bring it all together was a belt. But guess who has completely abandoned that part of their wardrobe, myself. So the next morning I went straight on line and had a look around and was completely shocked at what the belt has become, jewellery, fashion statement and more. So my research continues as there are so many options and styles to choose from and I am getting a little carried away with working the outfit around the belt. 

Join this new passion for accessories I have found, yet don't get too excited about certain ones as some of them are the same price as a second hand car these days so just enjoy the window shopping like myself. 

The designers are all different from Moschino to Topshop so you can purchase any of the belts online from Brownsfashionnet-a-porter or Topshop.

Have a belt off ladies. 


Which Chapeau Are You?

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One thing you will always learn flipping through magazines is how they try and make every page and each photo shoot look so different from the last, then when you come across a true icon and style queen there is no effort and it is the smallest change that makes the biggest difference.

When the world met Audrey Hepburn we learnt how to put on a Givenchy gown or a striped tshirt and hat but still make it look chic. “I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and. . . I believe in miracles” Audrey Hepburn

Jackie Kennedy had a similar style effect and as her husband John F. Kennedy's political career grew so did her fashion. Jackie and Audrey were both elegantly tailored and had their signature accessories like hats, scarfs and sunglasses.

The most amazing influence these women had on the 60's was their strong hold on themselves, they knew who they were in such a flamboyant time and kept each of their heads held high in every outfit which made everything they wore look that much more sublime. 

There has been a lot said, whispered and praised about Kate Moss but one thing I shall never do is judge her as she has never changed since day one and that is why I think she is still gracing the cover of Vogue for her 35th time.

Another perfect part of her super model, street style years is her love of hats. Kate knows how to wear and rock a pair of gumboots as good as a top hat which a lot of us will never have the gift of, I think you have to be born with those abilities. Miss Moss has the capability to combine rock chick with feminine charm or hippy chic with vintage elegance. 

Her abilities are endless and we are about to see more of what she is capable of when she releases her new clothing line on Topshop which she will unveil more of her personal style. 

Have a look through and find out which Chapeau Icon represents yourself, then go and put your own personal touch to your look. 

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Spring In Your Step

by Nina Janjic

Don't think that just because the seasons have changed that you should start dressing accordingly. Winter sometimes has a sense of doom of gloom attached to its colour range but this year we are having a change of heart and throwing our umbrellas and gum boots back in the cupboard and dressing to scare winter off with our love of  summer and spring.

So when you are picking out your next outfit for the rainy season just think, would you like to be blended into the wet and cold style regime. Or rather have everyone thinking your a relative of Marie Antoinette or have just come singing and spinning from the top of the hills in the sound of music? 

In this Chanel Winter 2014 show all the colours were warm, soft and glamours pastels. The other fabulous show's that warmed up winter through the colour collaborations and chic prints were the Givenchy and Valentino Autumn/Winter 2014 shows. 

It's a decision that once you have made will never go back, like if your having a crapy day instead of dressing like a gothic or an overtired housewife. Work your inner Cher from Clueless and put that spring back in your step with using all the colours from your florist and working them into your wardrobe.

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Morning to Midnight

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The key to the ultimate style transformation is what you put on your feet, it can change everything about your look from top to bottom and what you want to look like from the beginning of the day to the end of the night. 

So if your constantly on the go or just need a subtle style change from tom boy to Carrie Bradshaw then look no further. Just the perfect style, colour, print or shape of heel can shake up your wardrobe the right way. And the shoes we have chosen you can find right here at Topshop and Browns Fashion

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Rock it girl.