Celebrity First World Problems

by Nina Janjic

Everyone has day to day struggles, wether it be a hangover, traffic, shit coffee or going out and spending all your pay cheque in one night out. You're not the only one suffering real world problems, celebrities also get hit with first world problems. 

So the next time you feel like your day couldn't get any worse just take a look some of the stresses and strains celebrities deal with. 

Its pretty severe. 

Quirky Couples

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Valentines Day is finally here. 

Some of us are ecstatically in love, others just waiting for the right moment to break a heart and others are so single we only know the name of the bottle shop guy. Yet no matter where you are in life at this moment we’re all guilty of our awkward soul searching for a true love. 

Unfortunately we shall never forget those moments in time and they will always entail a partner in crime, the odd and devilish love that will always be in our past. So no matter wether your celebrating new romance or single life this Valentines Day, remember you couldn't be here without the ying to your quirky yang. 

Love your day of true love and remember what you went through to get here. 



New Year, New You?

by Nina Janjic

Each new year we all wake up wondering is this going to be the year for the new me? Will I finally take those kickboxing classes? Is this the year to break out and join that hip hop dance group? Or am I actually going to walk into the hairdresser, point at a picture of Gwen Stefani’s hair and say thats it. Will you really buy those leather pants or get the long acrylic nails like Rihanna has?    

My gorgeous girls its 2015 and nothing’s stopping you, except maybe a few pictures to remind you that no matter how many people you have to help you look phenomenal. There can still be a bad style day or two, so you've got nothing to loose doing some hip hop in leather pants. 

A key factor to remember is it may seem like a good idea at the time, but you will never know unless you try. 

Happy New Year 



It's Ok Baby

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There is a moment in all our lives when the world seems to end, like when someone breaks your heart or you make a fool of yourself at a work function. We each have our moments of horrendous shame that we shall all take to our grave and as you get older the wallowing becomes less because the embarrassment becomes more natural. 

What I miss about being young apart from having everything done for me is that I could scream and cry for a few minutes and then everything would be out of my system. Why cant we do that now? I wish the next time I got a little upset or sensitive I just threw myself on the floor and wailed till I had nothing left in me.

A few weeks ago I had a situation with a teacher, where the constructive criticism hit my water tank and there was nothing I could do but hold it in until I got to my car and have a little girly cry. NO, instead like the Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Children, I should have yelled and screamed my mind, ripped and thrown papers all over the room, kicked some chairs then grabbed my bag and run out screaming with my cry echoing down the hall.  

As adults it is easier for us to turn our emotions into teflon and act like nothing hurts or affects us but after watching this video I’ve realised how much I miss the simple pleasures of being a big fat baby. So the next time someone says something nasty to you or the love of your life says your not the one. Let your inner Britney Spears scream and sing her lungs out over being hit me baby one more time. 



More Reasons To Love This Gorgeous Hilarious Boy

by Nina Janjic in

Seth Rogan recently gave an opening statement to the senate of America about Alzheimer's Research and the charity he and his wife Lauren Miller established Hilarity for Charity Fund.

Seth and Lauren started Hilarity for Charity Fund in 2012 as part of the National Alzheimer’s Association, through which donations raised will be directed to help families struggling with Alzheimer’s care and fund cutting edge research. 

To find out more go to Hilarity for Charity

Email any queries to martinitomastectomy@icloud.com


Is The Bear Beard A Sexy Secret Love

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Now my ladies, what are we going to do about this situation. The bear beard doesn't seem to be going anywhere and I think its time we finally admit that we kinda, sorta like it. When you think about all the changes and abstract female style outbursts we have had over the years/decades I think that this is a small token that the women can give back and learn to accept like the men did.

When they smiled and kissed us during the purple lipstick days and said they didn't mind sharing a bed after we just got a mani pedi with yellow nail polish and that they still thought we looked sexy when we wore those really random absurd platform flip flops. 

So girls kiss your bear and tell him you love him, then next time you go through a wild style outburst you will have your bear to back you up.